Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SONG: Mr. FijiWiji ft. CoMa - Apathy

I came across this track while I was half asleep in bed and browsing through random songs of artists that I follow on Soundcloud. I listened to it, favorited it and then listened to it again but this time with concentration. The song connected with me so perfectly I could feel the emotions in the lyrics and the vocal track. "Apathy" is possibly one of the most beautiful tracks that I have ever heard. The Loving, Laughing, and Dying EP was set to release on June, 8th. "The forces higher than" Mr. FijiWiji asked him to remove "Winter" from the EP and also remove it from YouTube because they proposed that it would encourage suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Mr. FijiWiji went to Facebook to share this:

The song was intended to comfort those with suicidal thoughts, and to be relatable to those in dark times. But they assured me that the track may harm someone due to my influence. It was suggested that the track maybe the catalyst in a despairing situation, and push someone to attempt suicide or harm themselves. " 

Due to the struggles of censorship and annoyances encountered, he decided to release the EP on June 1st, a week early and to not remove "Winter" from the EP. Both songs are posted below.

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  1. I know this is old but I have to say that to me, Apathy is also possibly one of the most beautiful tracks that I have ever heard. MrFijiwiji's old songs were amazing.