Saturday, April 14, 2012

VIDEO: Evy Jane - Sayso

R&B and experimental electronica are two of my favorite genres of music but hearing them combined in one track can get interesting. It definitely isn't a simple feat to say the least. Vancouver duo, Evy Jane, have created a track that equally satisfies each of the genres seamlessly. "Didn't I tell you/ Not to be so kind to me?", lead singer, Evelyn Mason, sings in a droning haze of lost consciousness. One detail of "Sayso" that intrigued me was that every aspect of the song matches the meaning. As Evelyn sings about letting go of her man she makes her voice more distant. Also the repetitiveness of the chorus parallels quite nicely with the lyrics stating how she warned him repeatedly not to treat her so kindly. "There was something in the things you gave me/ I was losing all my self control." 

This is definitely one of my favorite singles so far this year.

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