Monday, March 12, 2012

ALBUM: Andrew Bird - Break It Yourself

Break it Yourself is a melodic work of art with layers upon layers of instruments recorded together with such a distinct amount of precision and unity. Chicago-based artist, Andrew Bird, has a violin that is capable of singing to us in more tones than imaginable. While many may find his heavy emphasis on lyricism unpalatable, I find that even though the message and lyrics of his music may seem eccentric at first they are surprisingly more parallel with our own lives than we know.

On his leading single, "Eyeoneye", he says the words "No one can break my heart so I'll break it myself". This brings the old idea that in order to love, one must have loved and lost so that they have experienced the pleasure and pain. Is a heart with stitches a heart capable of a stronger or deeper love? Is it even possible to break your own heart? When you think about it is quite difficult or near impossible to do certain things to yourself. We are all aware of how much different it feels when we give ourself a massage or rub our hair instead of another person. This song sports an uptempo drum track with captivating lyrics that make it the lead single on Bird's album.

The first track is called "Desperation Breeds". What better way to start an album off than to express to the world your views on an ever-breeding species that exponentially augments idiocracy with each birth? 

"We keep breeding desperation
In this era of thieves
Who keep stealing respiration
From the tenderest of trees

This peculiar incantation
Sure you heard it before
Instead of breeding desperation
Make me a pallet on your floor"

Even though the year just started we were fortunate enough to have February as a month of extraordinary music that spoiled us. With this being said, "Break It Yourself" is one already becoming one of my top albums thus far.