Monday, August 29, 2011

VIDEO: Lana Del Rey - Video Games

When I first watched this video I was immediately intrigued by the modern video clips that were interlaced with the vintage ones. As I watched it for a second time I was drawn to the message of the words. 24-year old Lana Del Ray aka the self-proclaimed "Gangsta Nancy Sinatra" has a voice that makes you stop in your tracks and a musical style that is reminiscent of Fiona Apple's heydays. 

This sad single seems to be about a failed love story between a boy playing video games and a woman seeking his affection. However, she never clearly states the situation while the video switches back and forth from surreal romance to the wasteful freedom of an adventurous couple. Nonetheless, the lyrics are powerful and really hit home.

"I'm in his favorite sundress / Watching me get undressed ..... Go play a video game"

"Heaven is a place on earth where you / Tell me all the things you want to do"  -  Is her love still there? Or is she speaking of how the relationship used to be hence the video being vintage in the purpose of showcasing a once vivacious love?

"Open up a beer / And take it over / And play a video game"  -  Is this line explaining the allowances of a man's soulmate? Is it showing her willingness to accommodate to the relationship even for activities that are beyond her own desires? Or perhaps a sarcastic remark pronounced like a dagger directed towards an emotionally unavailable boyfriend?

The video ends with the couple spinning around merrily and visions of the Hollywood sign in the distance with interimittent glimpses of people snapping photographs of a "Hollywood couple".

Even though "Video Games" explains the struggles of a relationship that once was, it shows the couple together in the end. In the scheme of things isn't that all that matters?

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