Sunday, July 31, 2011

ALBUM: Washed Out - Within or Without

Welcome to the post of my Ipod's most commonly played album, "Within and Without". This is the best album to put on when you want to hear something calming or light while you fall asleep. Ernest Greene, the sole creator of such beautiful music was making masterpieces in a bedroom in his parents house only a year ago. While now boasting this wildly successful second album, Ernest is definitely making a name for himself with smooth and dreamy productions such as "Amor Fati", "Before", and "Eyes Be Closed".

With examples like this we are reminded why the Chillwave genre is here to stay. A slight diffusion of hip hop with blissful synthesizers and calming, subtle vocals are definitely in right now and Washed Out delivers a perfect mixture of all of them.

"Amor Fati"

Check out the unofficial video to one of my favorite tracks, "Before"

Washed Out - Before from Franck Deron on Vimeo.

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